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For technology decision-makers:

Technology Investment Decision Management (TIDM) – The decision-making process for technology investments is fraught with incompleteness and inconsistency – and is oftentimes not really a process at all. Nuvoce’s TIDM methodology & automation brings rhyme and reason (repeatability and auditability) to the decision process, and shortens your time to value.

  • Project plan & communications
  • Stakeholders identification & community activation
  • Vendor/solution scorecarding model
  • Evaluation process, research & voting automation

For corporate development executives:

M&A Strategy & Execution – Let’s face it, mergers and acquisitions are tough. From identifying the optimal partner, to gauging and guiding market reaction, to business process integration, to delivering customer value, a lot of things can go wrong. Nuvoce’s M&A Strategy & Execution facilitation greases the value/process skids for M&A partners.

  • Business case development
    • Market (suppliers) analysis
    • Customer needs analysis
  • Valuations
  • New entity business process integration

For marketing & product executives:

Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution – Marketing and product leaders are often under-resourced or simply need an independent, authoritative third-party voice to fill out their go-to-market plans and tactics. Nuvoce’s Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution services help build a market voice that captures attention and gains mindshare.

  • Market/product strategy advisory
    • Customer needs analysis
    • Competitive analysis
  • Content marketing
    • Customer persona analysis
    • Content audit
    • Content ideation
    • Production/sourcing plan
    • Performance metrics
    • Content development – whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, slide decks, customer business case studies, websites
    • Distribution execution – platforms/channels, promotion

Incentivization U

Workshop – Coming Soon

Learn how savvy incentive program masters are using applied strategy, in the form of behavioral economics and game theory techniques, to spur and guide their channel partners.

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