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Finding the “Right Partner” Needles in the Channel Haystack

The 14 Rules for Partner Recruitment that Net the Best
This research will bring to the fore best practices employed by leading tech vendors in finding, culling, and onboarding new partners, as well as how technology can be employed to support partner recruitment programs

Visionaries Hot Seat: Zift Solutions

It’s All about the Data
Nuvoce analyst Tim Harmon and Zift Solutions Chief Strategy Officer Laz Gonzalez (formerly a leading industry channel analyst himself) sat down to discuss channel dynamics – past, present, future. The key conclusion? Most channel professionals are missing the boat in terms of marshaling their data more effectively to gain insight into what makes their partners tick.

Forging the Modern Go-to-Market Architecture

CRM, PRM, and Marketing Automation Form the Foundation
B2B companies have a multitude of customer touch points they must support today: direct sales, indirect sales (channels), marketing, customer support, websites, mobile apps, etc. And they often employ multiple technology solutions in support of each.

Planned Research Agenda
  • Building the Business Case for Automating Channel Management
  • The PRM Market Is Heating Up: How to Evaluate PRM Vendor Solutions
  • The Evolution Going Forward of the Go-to-Market Tech Market: Martech, Chantech & Salestech Paths
  • The Beating Heart[s] of Your Go-to-Market Architecture
  • Best Practices and Models for Finding, Recruiting & Onboarding the “Right” Partners
  • Getting A Return on Channel Investment: Channel Analytics
  • The Near-Future Channel: A Loosely Coupled Ecosystem
  • Gauging Your Channel Program Maturity
  • The State of Channel Partner Loyalty: 2017
  • The Nuvoce LENS on the Chantech Market
  • The Nuvoce LENS on the Social & Advocacy Martech Market
  • The Nuvoce PRISM on Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Solutions
  • The Nuvoce PRISM on Channel Sales Enablement Solutions
  • The Nuvoce PRISM on Channel Marketing Automation (CMA) Solutions

Technology Solution Evaluations

Technology evaluations and market overviews. Nuvoce will produce a robust technology solution evaluation product: “PRISMs.” And LENSes will serve as a market overview research vehicle for emerging or diverse technology solution categories. Categories include:

  • Partner relationship management
  • Channel marketing automation
  • Channel sales enablement
  • Channel incentive program management
  • Channel analytics & performance management
  • “Outside the 4 walls” marketing (e.g., social, affiliate, advocate)

Models, organizations, best practices, metrics (MOPM)

Nuvoce’s technology coverage will be buttressed by research that serves to inform and educate practitioners on strategies and programs; and how to best utilize/leverage technology solutions in support of those strategy and programs.


In order for practitioners to make decisions today without being exposed to the risk of being stranded in the not-too-distant future, Nuvoce will couple pragmatic research with what’s coming down the pike.


Where applicable, research will be aggregated into collections and expanded into playbooks.


Technology Investment Decision Management

Do you ever get the feeling that when it comes to technology decision-making, you’re operating with blind spots? Does your technology decision process ever stall out or get hung up? Nuvoce’s TIDM consulting brings a modern method to the tech adoption madness. Learn more.